Revisions in the works for Indoor Aquatic Centre project

Plans for the Golden & Electoral Area A Indoor Aquatic Centre are being scaled back to meet original estimated $35 million budget parameters after the most recent cost estimates on the project design came back significantly over budget.

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) is currently working with HCMA Architecture + Design, as well as project manager, Make Projects Ltd, and members of the original Community Advisory Committee on re-designing the project to try and meet the budget targets for a base level indoor aquatic facility. The project team is also working to create a phased approach to the facility, which will allow for the original features to be added later.

In 2022, voters in the Town of Golden and Electoral Area A showed overwhelming support with 72 per cent of the ballots being cast in favour of borrowing $18 million to construct an indoor aquatic centre. The remaining funds to develop the project will need to be raised through grant opportunities with other levels of government, outside agencies and fundraising efforts.

Due to the changes to the project, the CSRD is also conducting a review to ensure the proper legal and regulatory processes are followed as the project advances.

The facility design is still in progress, and the new approach will have the facility designed in a phased approach to meet both the budget goals and community desires for the facility.

An initial review suggests the base-level, first phase of the aquatic centre include a six-lane, 25-metre pool, a ramp into the lane pool, a tot pool, hot pool and universal change room, with a smaller lobby and no multi-purpose room. The estimated cost for this version is between $33 million to $42 million.

The project team are also planning to consult with local trades and industry professionals to reduce costs and explore partnership opportunities.

“We are looking for ways to still deliver something affordable but that meets what the residents are looking for,” says Electoral Area A Director Karen Cathcart. “There has been so much work and effort behind the scenes going on to try and reduce costs as much as possible.”

Later phases would include the leisure pool, steam room, sauna and wet multipurpose room for an estimated cost of $5.4 million. Another phase could see an expanded lobby and large dry multi-purpose room added for a projected cost of $2.6 million.

“The design of Phase One would be completed in such a way to allow for easy expansion to the future phases,” says Darcy Mooney, CSRD Manager of Operations. “The plan is to ensure we have the spaces available to accommodate things like the additional pumps that would be needed when adding things like the leisure pool.”

The project team is scheduled to bring updated plans for the indoor aquatic centre back in the fall for presentation to the CSRD Board, Town of Golden Council and the public.


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