On Deck: Golden & Electoral Area K, Get ready to vote... on the future of the aquatics in Golden
Make a Splash

Get ready to vote.

On October 15, 2022, the future of an indoor aquatic facility in Golden will be put to the vote.

As part of the civic elections, a referendum will invite residents of Golden and Electoral Area A to vote on the future of the facility. The question and final loan amount will be confirmed in June. Watch this space!

Want to understand what you’re voting on? Explore the project.

Fundraising efforts are underway.

A future indoor aquatic centre in Golden will be funded through a capital loan, federal and provincial grants, sponsorships, and donations from folks just like you!

This spring and summer, we’re actively fundraising for the new facility and taking pledges from community members. Big or small, every dollar counts.

Pledge your commitment to donate.

New Golden Aquatic Centre, artist sketch of the exterior