What’s the latest?

Since the referendum passed on October 15, 2022, the CSRD has launched a fundraising campaign and started the Detailed Design phase on the aquatic centre. Updated designs will be ready to share with the community in June 2023. More details and dates coming soon.

Financial Overview

Construction costs

In the October 2022 referendum, property owners from Golden and Electoral Area A voted YES to the borrowing of up to $18 million. This loan will help fund the construction of the indoor aquatic facility on the site of the existing outdoor pool, next door to the existing Golden & District Arena and Curling Club.

The feasibility study valued project costs at approximately $35 million. The detailed design process will refine and readjust the cost estimates at several key stages. We honour the community’s commitment of $18 million and are doing everything possible to secure funding for the entire project.

Funding the facility

We will close the gap between the final total construction cost and the approved $18 million capital loan through:

  • federal, provincial, and local grants
  • sponsorships
  • public donations

The exact breakdown will vary depending on the grants, sponsorships and donations we receive.

How we got here

Feasibility Study

Between 2018 and 2022, the CSRD carried out a feasibility study on a new aquatic centre in Golden.  It found there was widespread community support to replace the existing outdoor pool (owned and operated by the Town of Golden) with an indoor facility.

Extensive engagement with an advisory committee and the broader community identified a vision statement and guiding principles, as well as the preferred features of a future facility. The selected features balance affordability and the need for aquatic and non-aquatic design elements.

To explore, the feasibility study and other key documents head to the Document Centre.

Vision statement

The Golden Aquatic Centre will be homegrown. It will proudly reflect the unique character of its place and bring all regional residents together through inclusive recreational activities. It will be a year-round, vibrant, community hub that provides health and wellness opportunities for all.

Guiding principles

  • Community focused

    A social hub of activity beyond aquatic use bringing local and regional residents together as one community.

  • A unique landmark

    Born out of community input and passion representing the special character of its people and place.

  • A place of wellness

    Supportive of the individual and the community health and wellness needs.

  • Versatile

    Adaptable in the way that it meets the needs of residents both now and in the future.

  • Realistic

    Rooted in grounded aspirations that achieve the best possible outcome.

  • Inclusive

    Accessible and welcoming to all.

  • Support local

    Prioritise the use of local materials and methods to encourage a sense of pride in the project and foster strong community relationships. *Updated 2023*

  • Environmentally sustainable

    Seek to incorporate sustainable best practices, including zero-carbon building design certification. *Updated 2023*

Project team

Two committees are currently providing project support:

  • The Fundraising Committee is formed of key community stakeholders and volunteers, led by consultant KEA Canada.
  • The Steering Committee is comprised of CSRD and Town of Golden staff members, as well as consultants HCMA and Make Projects. Together, this committee is managing the Detailed Design phase.

The CSRD wishes to thank all the volunteer members of the Advisory Committee and Working Group who provided invaluable assistance and support during the feasibility phase of the project.

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