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What will the pool cost me?

Through annual property taxes, owners of property within Golden and Electoral Area A will contribute to both the loan repayment and operating costs of the new Indoor Aquatic Centre. In 2022, the average residential property value in Golden is $451,976. The average residential property value in Electoral Area A is $465,042.

Capital Cost

Voter approval to borrow up to $18 million was obtained on October 15, 2022. The referendum enables the CSRD to obtain a loan for these funds over a 30-year term to develop the project.

As of the referendum date, the repayment of the loan will result in a residential tax rate of $0.40 per $1,000 of assessed land (and improvements) for residential properties in Golden and $0.38 per $1,000 in Electoral Area A.

On average, a residential property owner in Golden will expect to pay about $180 per year (for 30 years) and the average residential property in Electoral Area A will expect to pay about $175 per year.

Please use the calculator tool below to determine the specific annual capital loan repayment costs that would be applicable to your property over the 30-year term.  The annual cost is dependent on your property value (as identified on your 2022 BC property tax assessment), whether your property is in Electoral Area A or in the Town of Golden, and your property classification (residential, business, etc).

*Values used in the calculator tool are based on the referendum date of October 15, 2022. They are subject to change based on interest rates.

Property tax calculator

Operating costs

Operating costs include all costs to run the facility, minus the revenue received from pool user fees and other grants.  Operating costs also include money set aside in a capital reserve fund to cover the cost of future replacement of facility components.

Based on a cost analysis completed in conjunction with the Town of Golden, the operating costs of the facility are anticipated to be $940,000 per year. This includes a $125,000 annual contribution to a capital reserve account that will fully fund all capital replacements that may be needed over the first 10 – 15 years of the indoor facility.  Revenue projections are estimated at $220,000 per year for a net operating cost of about $720,000.

The operating cost estimate works out to approximately $0.25 per $1000 of assessed property (land and improvement) value, based on a 2022 residential assessment.  On average, a residential property owner in Golden and Electoral Area A will expect to pay approximately $115 per year to operate the facility.

Keep in mind that property owners currently pay into the operating costs of the existing outdoor pool in Golden.  On average, Electoral Area A residential property owners pay about $25 per year and Golden residential property owners pay about $110 per year.


Referendum and Facility Timeline

  • October 15, 2022
    Referendum Day.
  • November 2022 – Spring 2023
    Fundraising efforts to raise $17 million target continue
  • 2023-2024
    Architectural team to complete detailed design of facility
  • 2024-2026
    Facility construction
  • 2026
    Indoor Aquatic Centre opens to the public

Looking for more information? Head to the Document Centre for a complete list of projects documents, including executive summary, reports, advisory committee meetings, and more.



Take a look at our FAQs page. You may find the answer you’re looking for there!

You can also browse through the Document Centre for a full overview of all documents created to date, including the Feasibility Study.

Get in touch

Email us at [email protected], or call Darcy Mooney, Manager Operations at CSRD, reached at 1.888.248.2773.


Questions Graphic

We’re sharing questions and answers related to the indoor aquatic centre, fundraising, and finances.

Check back for updates.

Fundraising and Donations

The fundraising campaign amount is currently set at $17 million dollars.  This may change, and depends on costs of materials, the campaign length, and other factors.  This money will be used to offset the total project cost of approximately $35 million.

There are lots of ways for you to support this project:

  • There are three ways to pledge your support. You can fill out this pledge form online or print the pledge form and mail to – Columbia Valley Credit Union, Attention – Aquatic Centre, PO Box 720, Golden, BC V0A 1H0. Or you can drop off a completed pledge form to the Columbia Valley Credit Union branch, located at 511 Main Street, Golden.
  • Send a letter expressing your support.
  • Sign up for social media to receive updates.

A pledge helps us understand how much financial support there is from the community, and how far we have to go financially to meet the fundraising goal.

Pledges help us leverage funding from granting organizations and other partners. For these organizations, a pledge is as good as money in the bank.

Thank you!

There are three options to pledge your support:

  • Fill out this pledge form online.
  • Print this pledge form and mail to – Columbia Valley Credit Union, Attention – Aquatic Centre, PO Box 720, Golden, BC V0A 1H0.
  • Drop off a completed pledge form to the Columbia Valley Credit Union branch, located at 511 Main Street, Golden.

Yes. The Columbia Valley Credit Union staff are trained to handle confidential information. Our volunteers and fundraising professionals are also trained. Your information will not be shared with anyone who does not need to know. If you have concerns, please reach out to [email protected] and we can talk further.

Yes. One of our volunteers will be in touch and will confirm your details and update you on our progress.

Thank you! Your support is appreciated.

Please email [email protected] or call 1-888-248-2773 to find out more information about making a donation.

The fundraising will continue until the total necessary funds for construction have been collected.


The current budget predicts construction inflation to 2025 and if the project is delayed construction contingencies can be allocated to the service area budget or be added to the fundraising campaign goal.

The CSRD would own and operate the indoor aquatic centre if it proceeds.  A benefiting service area that includes all property owners within Electoral Area A and the Town of Golden is already established for the CSRD’s owned and operated Golden and District Arena that would be used to accommodate all operational costs of the Indoor aquatic centre.

The tax breakdown between Electoral Area A and the Town of Golden would be the same as the Golden Arena service area, where the property owners within the Town of Golden pay approximately 52% of the total costs and the property owners within Electoral Area A pay 48% of the total costs.

Currently Electoral Area A residents pay 48% of the budget for operations at the arena, library, and curling rink and 20% of the costs associated with the existing outdoor pool in Golden (owned and operated by the Town of Golden). The indoor aquatic centre would be owned by the CSRD, and the indoor aquatic centre and the arena would be housed in the same building.  It is understood that an indoor aquatic centre would be widely used by all benefiting property owners and provide region-wide economic and health benefits.

Tax class information provided in the feasibility study is based on a residential tax multiplier of 1.0. Property owners within the Electoral Area would multiply the residential tax rate by the appropriate multiplier identified above, based on the property classification indicated on their property tax assessment.

Unlike a municipality, class multipliers for taxation rates within a regional district are set by the Province of BC as follows:

Electoral Area A

  • Residential               1.0
  • Utilities                    3.5
  • Light Industry           3.4
  • Business/Other         2.45
  • Recreational             1.0
  • Farm                        1.0
  • Managed Forest        3.0


The Town of Golden annually sets the class multipliers for properties within the Town of Golden.  Property owners would multiply the residential tax rate by the appropriate multiplier set by the Town of Golden and the property classification indicated on their property tax notice. The Town of Golden’s 2020 class multipliers for taxation rates are as follows:

Town of Golden

  • Residential               1.0
  • Utility                      9.66
  • Major Industry         7.24
  • Light Industry          4.21
  • Business/Other        2.67
  • Rec/Non-Profit         1.05

*Note – Town of Golden tax multipliers have been rounded to two decimal places.

All capital assets have a useful life expectancy.  Once capital assets have been fully depreciated, they need to be replaced.  The assets in a complex structure like an aquatic facility are identified within asset categories based on those assets with similar Estimated Useful Life (EUL).  For example, the building substructure has an EUL of 75 years, whereas equipment and furnishings may have a EUL of 25 – 50 years.

Asset management and full life cycle costing will determine the annual average depreciation of all capital assets over a set period of time.  Allocating funds into a capital reserve on an annual basis is important to ensure adequate and reasonable funds are available when assets require replacement.

The aquatic centre will require a capital loan with an amortization of 30 years.  It is understood that the priority of asset management during this initial period will be the principle and interest payments required to pay off the capital loan. A $125,000 annual allocation into a capital reserve fund is planned over the first 10 years of the operating of the indoor pool.  This allocation will meet all replacement costs anticipated during this initial time period.

An operational reserve will also be established and funded on an annual basis to account for unexpected breakdowns or equipment failures.

The determination of the amount needed to fund operating and capital costs are independent of the assessed values and the tax rates.  Once the determination of how much money is required, the funds are collected through taxation from all property owners in the service area.

The tax rate (the amount collected per $1,000 of assessed value of land and improvements) is determined by working backwards using the amount of funds needed and the assessed values of properties within the service area. Tax multipliers for your property rate class (residential, farm, industrial, commercial, etc.) are also factored into determining the appropriate residential tax rate (multiplier of 1).

The total assessed value of all properties within the aquatic centre benefitting service area (Golden and Electoral Area A) are used to determine the tax rate to ensure the required funds are collected to operate and maintain the facility.  Funds collected and allocated towards the aquatic centre budget remain within the budget and cannot be transferred to other local government services.

To better understand the relationship between assessed property value and property taxes, please see the BC Assessment website.

BC Assessment has reported the following total converted assessment values on the 2022 Revised Roll for all properties within the Town of Golden and Electoral Area A:

Town of Golden:  $150,979,600

Electoral Area A:  $144,543,929

Average Residential Property Value for the Town of Golden:  $451,976

Average Residential Property Value for Electoral Area A:  $465,042

The operating costs of the aquatic centre will be added to the costs associated with operating the CSRD-owned Golden and Area Recreation Centre (Arena).  The CSRD’s service area bylaw for the arena will be utilized to fund the aquatic centre operations. Public assent for operating costs associated with the aquatic centre is not required.

According to information obtained through the feasibility study, the net operating costs of the aquatic centre will be approximately $600,000 per year. This equates to an annual cost per average property owner of $110 for properties in Golden and $90 for properties in Electoral Area A. The percentage allocation between Golden and Electoral Area A is approximately 53% Town of Golden and 47% Electoral Area A (same as the allocations to the Arena).

For comparison, the annual costs to operate the seasonal outdoor pool in Golden is $110 per average property owner in Golden and $25 for property owners in Electoral Area A. The costs are currently allocated 80% to the Town of Golden and 20% to Electoral Area A as identified in the Shared Services Agreement between the CSRD and the Town of Golden.

Pool Design

The BC Health Act requires the use of chlorine in all aquatic facilities to assist in the water disinfection process. However, there are many options for additional, secondary treatment measures like salt, ozone, or UV to reduce the amount of chlorine required to keep water quality at provincially mandated standards. Additionally, emphasis can be placed on pre-swim shower protocols, which can significantly reduce the bacteria and dirt introduced to the water and as a result reduce the level of chlorine required to clean it up. This project will carefully consider all the ways in which the reliance on chlorine can be reduced as much as possible.

The current estimate identifies sustainability measures to a Zero Carbon Building Standard (ZCB).  This standard is administered by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) and provides third-party verification of the carbon impacts of buildings, with the goal of ensuring future operations as a zero emissions building.  The current program, ZCB Standard V2, address the carbon balance of a building across its life cycle, including construction and operation.

The CSRD recognizes that ZCB Design requirements are increasingly required as a mandatory eligibility requirement for senior level capital grant applications.

Yes, the indoor aquatic centre will contain zero-entry features into every pool for easy access. The pool will also have a water resistance area for restoring muscle mass and flexibility.

Yes, to both. The indoor aquatic centre will be available year-round for competitive swimming and the swim club. Lessons will also be offered for people wanting to learn to swim and to improve their swimming technique.


Make a donation

Fundraising efforts for an indoor aquatic centre in Golden are in full swing! We’re looking to raise a total of $17 million dollars through government grants, sponsorships, and pledges from within the community. This money will be combined with a capital loan to cover the total project cost of $35 million dollars.


Help us get there

Make a donation and help bring the indoor aquatic centre in Golden to life. Big or small, it all helps!

The more donations we receive from the community the more funding we are likely to receive from granting organizations and other partners. For them, a donation shows community support and is money in the bank.


How to Donate

Complete a pledge form in-person at the Town of Golden office or Columbia Valley Credit Union, 511 Main Street, Golden

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Or looking to make a substantial donation?

Call or email Darcy Mooney, Manager Operations, at 1.888.248.2773 or [email protected]

Document Centre

Document Centre

Every document created as part of On Deck is shared below, including technical memos, advisory meetings, and the feasibility study itself.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary has been developed to provide a convenient, one-stop place for residents to get an overview of the project.

Technical Memos

The ongoing findings of the feasibility study was captured in a series of three technical memos. Each Technical Memo focused on a specific area of study:

  1. Review of the existing systems and benchmarking, and develop vision and guiding principles.
  2. Needs/benefit assessment and stakeholder engagement.
  3. Identification and prioritization of options.
  4. Summarization and costing of the preferred concept design of the proposed Aquatic Centre.

Advisory Committee Meetings

The Advisory Committee met seven times over the course of the project. Please see table below to access meeting agendas, meeting minutes and presentation materials.

Project Team

Project Team

Stay tuned for more on the development of a project team for the construction phase of the project.

The CSRD wishes to thank the members of the Advisory Committee and the Working Group who provided valuable information and insight into the feasibility study and assent phases of the project. 

Working Group

Town of Golden

  • Kat Coatesworth
  • Spencer Lainchbury

Electoral Area A

  • Justin Telfor
  • Stefanie Chomiak

Town of Golden

  • Jordan Petrovics, Manager of Recreation Services
  • Ron Oszust, Mayor


  • Darcy Mooney, Manager of Operations
  • Karen Cathcart, Director, Electoral Area A
  • Phaedra Turner, Team Leader, Administrative Services, Operations Management


Make a Splash

Your Community. Your Aquatic Centre.

A future indoor aquatic centre will be in the heart of Golden. It will replace the aging outdoor pool and become a year-round hub for the town and surrounding community.

New Golden Aquatic Centre, artist sketch of the interior

Facility features

  • 6-lane pool
  • Leisure pool, including lazy river, tots area, spray features, and beach entry
  • Sauna/steam room
  • Hot pool
  • Universal and gendered change rooms
  • Large multi-purpose room
  • Administration

Project Costs

The total capital cost related to the new aquatic centre is estimated at approximately $35 million dollars.

Find information on capital and operating costs for the facility.

Funding the new facility

We have a fundraising goal of $17 million dollars. This money will be used to offset the total project cost.

The remaining project cost will be funded through a loan of $18 million to be repaid over 30 years, with an annual repayment cost of $150-200 per household based on average residential property values in Golden and Electoral Area A.

Now that the referendum was successful, the CSRD has five years to initiate the loan. Fundraising will continue during this period until the total necessary funds for construction are in place.

Funding for the new facility will come from a range of sources as shown below. The exact split will vary depending on the grants, sponsorships, and donations received.

Pie Graph of the Golden and Area A Aquatic Centre Capital Contribution Projection: Total Capital Cost $35 million. Loan Proceeds - 50%, Local Donations/Sponsorships - 17%, Federal/Provincial Grants - 23%, CSRD Contributions - 7%, Local Grants - 3%

How we got here

Through 2019 to 2021, the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) carried out a feasibility study on a new indoor aquatic centre in Golden.

Extensive engagement with an advisory committee and the broader community led to a vision statement and guiding principles, and then to the identification of preferred features for the future facility. These were balanced with meeting the desired cost and design.

The feasibility study found there was widespread community support to replace the current outdoor pool with an indoor aquatic facility.

To read the feasibility study and explore other key documents, head to the Document Centre.

Vision Statement

The Golden Aquatic Centre will be home grown. It will proudly reflect the unique character of its place and bring all regional residents together through inclusive recreational activities. It will be a year-round, vibrant, community hub that provides health and wellness opportunities for all.

Guiding Principles

The Golden Aquatic Centre will be…

  1. Community Focused – A social hub of activity beyond aquatic use bringing local and regional residents together as one community.
  2. Inclusive – Accessible and welcoming to all.
  3. Realistic – Rooted in grounded aspirations that achieve the best possible outcome.
  4. A Unique Landmark – Born out of community input and passion representing the special character of its people and place.
  5. A Place of Wellness – Supportive of the individual and the community health and wellness needs.
  6. Versatile – Adaptable in the way that it meets the needs of residents both now and in the future.


On Deck Logo

Make a Splash

It’s a Yes!

On October 15, 2022, residents of Golden and Electoral Area A voted in favour of moving forward with an indoor aquatic facility in Golden.

The result? 1,477 Yes votes to 573 No votes – an overwhelming show of support for this facility and its future significance within the community.

The CSRD will now continue to move forward with the project. Stay tuned for future updates.


Fundraising efforts are underway

A future indoor aquatic centre in Golden will be funded through a capital loan, federal and provincial grants, sponsorships, and donations from folks just like you!

We’re actively fundraising for the new facility and taking pledges from community members. Big or small, every dollar counts.

Make a donation.

New Golden Aquatic Centre, artist sketch of the exterior


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